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[AoKa] Seini Yorisou



Title : Seini Yorisou
Circle : Uhlala (Resu)
Pages : 83  | Rate : PG
Pairing : Aomine x Kagami
Series : Kuroko no Basket
Language : English


Please don’t share or reupload elsewhere. 

Note : Fweeeeeeeh~ Happy belated AoKa day~~ Well, to be honest, if it wasn’t for Chinpirako and tumblr, I wouldn’t have remembered it was AoKa day yesterday… So in the end, I rushed just to get this done (plus I wasn’t sure I would have time to do it later XD). Anyway, AoKa isn’t one of my favorite pairing in Kurobas, maybe the third ? But I still totally fell in love with Resu story as it follows Aomine handling his puberty and insecurities as he grows older. Add to this Resu’s warm drawing and you have something really wonderful.Now the only complain I have it’s how she censored Aomine and Kagami’s sex, it looks like a piece of lego or something… Who cares though, it’s still hot.

Also thanks to Chin-chan for the translation and Mika for the awesome job cleaning it~

Joint project with Bluespringscans

Oh and there’s no read online option, cause damn, that’s friggin 83pages long !! 

It was no accident, I promise.


Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Aomine Daiki/Kagami Taiga
Rating: T
Warnings: M/M, language
Summary:Kagami and Aomine try to figure out /what exactly/ this isbetween them. Who even knows?
AN: you’d think I have stopped but no, i had an aokaga weekend so here you go. I don’t know how many of you know the "No homo" thing I wrote a few months ago for the OTPB but this is some kind of… continuation? Ehhh….IDK? I really don’t tbh just ignore me.

Also on AO3.

Their first fake date was a lie.

They said it would be just a game and burger at Maji‘s. Like always. Nothing unusual.

Only that ever since that one time, they both knew that burger would lead to coming to Kagami‘s place to „play video games“ and that would definitely eventually lead to one of them on top of the other and clothes kinda gone.

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Bakagami and The Aho { An AoKaga One-Shot Series }


Fandom/Anime: Kuroko no Basuke

Paring(s): AoKaga/KagaAo

Rating: General Audience(Unless stated otherwise)

Summary: Aomine and Kagami are two idiots living in a big, big world. Someone has to keep track of their idiotic adventures, right? Various POVs. Multiple Chapters will be posted over time.

Notes: Started this on AoKaga day, cause I’m a dORK.

Word Count: 350

"Aomine Daiki, it is three in the morning— this better be important.” The awoken pinkette hissed menacingly, her phone held to her ear as she propped herself up on one elbow.

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Fic: [KnB] A Patch of Blue Sky (Aomine/Kagami; R)


Happy AoKaga day! I have chosen to celebrate by being 100% AoKaga trash. I’m sorry for any mistakes, I suddenly decided to write this on Thursday from just a rough outline I made a while back, so it’s not the most polished thing out there. Dedicated to everyone in the AoKaga landfill.